Recent CPR and first aid training conducted for the staff at the daycare center.
One of the most important components of any day care center is the stability and experience of the care givers. Our staff is extremely qualified, dedicated and experienced. We select our staff based on their ability to enhance the learning environment we have created at our centers. We do not compromise on the quality of our staff. They go through an extensive interview process and probationary period and once hired they participate in ongoing state mandated training sessions. In addition, all of our staff members have received certified CPR and first aid training.

Stability is built by having dedicated care-givers that work for a given center longer than a few months. Our environment has enabled us to maintain our core staff over a period of years. For example:


Penn Hills:

Infant Department Supervisor:                    Over 20 years with the center

Pre-school department Supervisor:           Over 16 years with the center

12 year age group Supervisor:                   Nine years with the center

Center Director:                                            Five plus years with the center



Center Director:                                           Three years with the center

Infant Department Supervisor:                    Two years with the center

Toddler Group Supervisor:                         One year with the center

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